Diving deep

20 Apr

It’s our last day in the Desert -mom slacked off on pictures, but take my word for it – we go to see lots of cousins, playdates with friends from Seattle and lots and lots of swimming.

You may not know this about me, but I have a condition called polymorphous light eruption – basically it’s a mild sun allergy that I react to each spring on my first dose of major sun. On me, it presents as severe cracking and drying with tiny red bumps everywhere that gets sun. The skin tends to get raw between the cracks – making it extremely painful to put lotion or sunscreen. Add that to my delicate disposition and it’s pretty dramatic. The good news is that a nightly dose of benedryl and slathers of aquafor really help. After about 2 weeks, it’s all cleared up and it won’t happen again until next spring break.
Here I am in shade avoiding a final day of swimming:


That didn’t last long:

While Annabel tries desperately to get a penny I threw into the jacuzzi – she tried about 19 times. Each time saying – it is too hard, I don’t think I can. Even mom tried to get her to stop trying.


One response to “Diving deep

  1. Susie

    04/20/2013 at 6:25 pm

    What fun! Hope you don’t hurt too bad! Your sister is quite a swimmer too!

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