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First day back skiing

A great way to start the New Year! We are back in Bend, Oregon, to ski at Mt. Bachelor. Annabel and Mom haven’t skied since last February at Park City – and Dad and I had a quick trip locally with my Uncle Mark and Anthony at Thanksgiving. It’s hard to get back out there after 10 months off!

This year, in addition to Mamie and grandma, we have our pals Phoebe and Olive skiing with us.

Annabel loved ski school and got back her “ski legs” – she even made a friend with a matching jacket: Amelie.


At the end of the day, the 4 of us had some family time. Here’s a video (mom wants you to appreciate her ability to ski and record us at the same time)

We are pooped – check back this weekend to see if we have improved.



Happy new year

Oh what a year. We have left our adoring fans in the lurch for months. Blame my parents.
Enjoy this look back at 2013 as our apology.

Happy new year to all! Here’s to more posts in 2013 – I’m going to have mom teach me how to do these updates myself so I can take over and not wait for her to do it.

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Diving deep

It’s our last day in the Desert -mom slacked off on pictures, but take my word for it – we go to see lots of cousins, playdates with friends from Seattle and lots and lots of swimming.

You may not know this about me, but I have a condition called polymorphous light eruption – basically it’s a mild sun allergy that I react to each spring on my first dose of major sun. On me, it presents as severe cracking and drying with tiny red bumps everywhere that gets sun. The skin tends to get raw between the cracks – making it extremely painful to put lotion or sunscreen. Add that to my delicate disposition and it’s pretty dramatic. The good news is that a nightly dose of benedryl and slathers of aquafor really help. After about 2 weeks, it’s all cleared up and it won’t happen again until next spring break.
Here I am in shade avoiding a final day of swimming:


That didn’t last long:

While Annabel tries desperately to get a penny I threw into the jacuzzi – she tried about 19 times. Each time saying – it is too hard, I don’t think I can. Even mom tried to get her to stop trying.


Kickball Birthday

This year at school, I’ve been playing kickball at almost every recess. Naturally, it made sense to have a kickball birthday party.

I’ve never had an outdoor party because of the potential for bad weather – I promised my mom that we wouldn’t care if it rained. Even though it was 70 degrees and sunny last week, the forecast called for hail yesterday.

Well, what happens when you take 22 boys, suit them up for rain and go outside and play? An awesome good time.

First we split into the blue and green teams:



Then luckily, no one was using the tennis courts, so we could play there.



I was captain of the blue team



The best thing is that almost everyone could make it to the party and I feel like one of the luckiest kids in the world to have so many friends:


Here’s the happy birthday song if you can believe it:


Skiing in park city post 1

We are having a blast here in park city for our annual trip.
Today the whole group skied the canyons.
Here I am on a steep double blue – ran into mom at the end. Notice the rest of the family trying to keep up







And here is Annabel! Doing great for a 3 year old!


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LMFAO and a loaf of bread

Lately, we spend meal time telling jokes. Annabel made one up about LMFAO and I have some good ones about bread.

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Pancake Movie Trailer

Some of our handful of readers complain and say things like, “Ben, this isn’t real life! You’re just showing us highlights of what happens at home! Where’s the real stuff? What’s life really like for you?”

Well, coming soon to theaters near you – you’ll get a taste for the real thing.

Here it is.


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